Asset Management

Asset Management Services from Streamliine are a boon to record and manage your IT assets as well as non IT assets with an easy and automated software service. Streamliine Asset Management records every aspect of the asset such as the inventory details, financial records, and maintenance details right till the end. Regular audits are performed to keep a track on all transactions regarding your assets.

You can now get a clear and concise picture of all your asset operations with our seamless Streamliine Asset Management  services and make the required improvements in your asset management practices.

Streamliine asset management tools automate complicated tasks and evaluate your asset life cycle with a lens eye on opportunities, risks, and costs. You can now rest easy as your assets are optimized and precisely audited; all with a single click.


Streamliine Asset Management Strengths

  • Control and optimize your assets
  • Cost effective with automation in the management processes
  • Reduce Risk with regular implementation of asset policies

Our Asset Management Features:

Accurate asset consolidated data—With Streamliine Asset Management software services, you can easily access asset information and configure the information into a comprehensive portfolio.

Asset associated expenditure—you can track all the costs associated with your assets right from the acquisition, lease, support and maintenance fees. You even single out the excess expenditure so as to optimize your further expenditure.

Control Asset Distribution— Streamliine asset management centralizes requests through automated workflow. You can control and regulate requirements and oversee all the policies, approvals and contracts.

Asset Auditing—your asset auditing is smooth sailing with the options featured in Streamliine Softnett Asset Management services. Renewals of contracts, expiry dates are notified well in advance to prevent any delay.  With a single click all your asset auditing is simplified and taken care of.



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