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Streamliine Payroll and HR Services is the gateway to your payroll management, taking care of all aspects of payroll, beginning from finance and HR consolidation, up to the processing  of a hassle free payroll for all your employees. Our up to date payroll processing has scalable options to handle all the changes and unseen tasks with an efficiency that is to be seen to be believed.

All the statutory compliances that need to be followed by your company are studied in detail so as to guide you perfectly and proactively. Any changes in the statutory laws are handled by our team of experts to make your business compliant with the new rules. Streamliine Payroll and HR can take care of any payroll processes, be it on a daily basis or a monthly basis.

Our payroll is such that any of your employees can access their pay slips at any time or change their bank details, giving your business deals a transparent outlook. At the same time Streamliine ensures that they are authenticated users and then gives the access to their personal information.

Our Payroll Strengths:

  • Simple Payroll Operations
  • Updated and minimal errors
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Time saving and convenient

Streamliine Payroll offers payroll management that is completely automated with a real-time synchronisation. This provides you with a single window that is accessible to both the employer as well as the employees. There is scope even to interact online wit the HR/ Finance department thus ensuring smooth operations in your payroll processing.

Streamliine HR Services

Streamliine HR Services give you the right online platform to transform your HR processes into an employee friendly experience. We offer the right solutions for all the tasks associated with helpdesk, employee transactions and workforce needs.

Our HR Strengths:

  • HR Services
  • Recruitment and Hiring Services
  • Organization Structural Management
  • Performance Review Management
  • Automated Payroll and Filings
  • Tax Management and Insurance Management
  • Friendly helpdesk for general HR based enquiries
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